Rosy Fuentes, MA
LIcensed Professional Counselor Intern
Supervised by Nichole Hart, MA, LPC Supervisor

Hablo Español.

What I Love About My Work Is Helping You...

Find Hope
It is a privilege to play a pivotal part in the life stories of my clients.  I enjoy seeing new hope emerge in their eyes when they experience a revelation that allows them to speak up and claim their voice. 

Increase Self-Awareness
I help clients reconnect with themselves and become curious to explore thoughts, feelings, and sensations without avoidance or judgment.  Learning to pay attention to what is happening inside, while staying present and in our bodies, can help us come to know what is safe and what is not safe.  Healing takes place as we learn to live in the present while understanding and resolving interference from the past.

I rejoice in jointly walking with women, men, and families on their life journeys.  We are transforming each other through our dialogue, and we can’t be the same afterwards. Being a therapist grows my faith in the human race, individuals, families, and the healing potential within each of us. 

What I am Best At...

Building Relationships
I enjoy working within a safe, comfortable, and friendly environment in therapy. Having a congruent relationship with my clients, by being authentic, genuine, and transparent in our work together, helps create a successful therapeutic relationship.

Incorporating Spirituality
I see spirituality as a central element for each individual.  Often my clients talk about their beliefs or how they see their personal issues through a spiritual lens. Understanding my client’s beliefs and values along these lines helps me to be a more effective therapist. 

Understanding Culture
Cultural competency is extremely important to me, as I believe our individual culture is highly influential on who we are.  I work hard to understand the unique cultural aspects of the clients I serve.  I also welcome opportunities to be further educated and to continually increase my effectiveness as a culturally aware therapist.


Therapy Forms

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Aviso de Practicas de Privacidad
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Contact Rosy
                Phone: (512) 710-2783