Jennifer Minor, MA
LIcensed Professional Counselor Intern
Supervised by Nichole Hart, MA, LPC Supervisor

What I Love About My Work Is Helping You...

Explore, develop, and define the most intimate areas of your life from a sex positive stance.  
As a sex positive therapist, I view sexuality as a natural part of who you are.  Healthy sexuality is an important aspect of your overall mental health, as well as your general well being. I look forward to hearing your concerns and to supporting your right to explore your thoughts, feelings, and values surrounding sex and sexuality.
Create a positive shift in how you navigate your concerns.
Having questions and wanting to explore important areas of life such as gender and sexual identity can often lead to a great deal of anxiety, depression, and confusion. I love working with people who have reached out for help with life’s most delicate issues.  With my integrative therapeutic approach, we will work to restore or recreate your ideas about your own story, with you as the author.  Our goal will be to help you cultivate insight into the heart of the matters you want to explore, and to travel together to help bring about healing and self-acceptance.
Feel empowered to live your life with truth and clarity.
By being down-to-earth, friendly, and welcoming humor as an integral part of the therapeutic experience, I will journey with you through life’s most challenging, intriguing, and enlightening moments. I want to help you feel liberated to be who you are in the healthiest way possible.
sex therapist

What I am Best At...

Enhancing personal equity.
When you are living your life with a strong sense of personal equity, you are able to approach yourself and others with balance, open-mindedness, and fairness. It takes work and courage to cultivate a healthy sense of personal equity, and while therapy is not a magical pill, it absolutely is a process that enhances your ability to uncover your personal power, your potential, and your breakthroughs.
Learning about you.
As a person who greatly values continued learning and education, I consistently strive to increase my knowledge and openness to all things "sex positive."  As I welcome this process of opening to learn within myself, I am also comfortable in helping you open to explore ideas, questions, beliefs, and struggles around life and sexuality. Together, we will talk about it all: the elephant that’s been hiding in the room for too long, the taboo topic, that uncomfortable belief that has caused you distress. Whatever it is, know that it’s safe to talk about here.

Deconstructing “normal.”
Normal is such a loaded word in our culture, and I don’t see “normal” as a healthy frame to work within. Since I see sexuality from a holistic point of view, my goal is to help educate and normalize variety. I know there are many components that make you who you are, and as we learn more about these different parts of you, we will strive to help you define and create a healthy relationship with yourself and healthy relationships with others.
Providing empathy is a critical component to the therapeutic process, and it isn’t just about understanding. Empathy is actually what creates the space for you to share freely and unapologetically. Through helping you feel increasingly open to exploring and learning about yourself, I hope to help you define the life you want to live - and to find what makes you thrive and not just survive in this dance called life.


$85.00   --  45-Minute Individual Session
$115.00 --  45-Minute Couple's Session
$130.00 --  80-Minute Intake Session
$160.00 --  80-Minute Couple's Session
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